Antimicrobial Resistance Management (ARM) Program


The Antimicrobial Resistance Management (ARM) Program is an ongoing project designed to document trends in antimicrobial susceptibility patterns in inpatient and outpatient isolates and to identify relationships between antibiotic use and resistance rates.

Hospitals can analyze if and when antimicrobial resistance occurs. Information about resistance allows strategic intervention and offers the potential to reduce costs of antibiotics associated with inappropriate use.

The data in a non-identifying format becomes part of a national aggregate database that provides local, regional and national benchmarks.


For the purpose of comparison, US hospitals are grouped in 6 geographic regions with the following percentages reflective of participation as of March 4, 2011: North Central (14%), Northeast (32%), Northwest (2%), South Central (15%), Southeast (29%), and Southwest (7%). There are 392 institutions, of which 79% are non-teaching and 21% are teaching. 84 institutions contributed data to a S. pneumoniae-only surveillance project (NATP), and 1 to an ICU-only project. Those data are not reflected in this database.


March 4, 2011: there are 307 core institutions with active ARM Program data. The database includes 35,998,976 ARM isolate susceptibility comparisons with the significant ones being:

  • 14,531,388 Escherichia coli 
  •   6,343,485 Staphylococcus aureus and MRSA 
  •   3,182,765 Pseudomonas aeruginosa 
  •   3,543,918 Klebsiella pneumoniae 
  •      255,561 Streptococcus pneumoniae 

Data Collection

Each hospital provides a minimum of three years of antibiogram or sensitivity report data. Individual antibiotics and organisms are captured in the database. A Web-based analysis tool allows comparisons between antibiotic use and resistance rates for many parameters:

  • One year with another year
  • Groups of years to other groups of years
  • Hospital to hospital
  • Hospital to state
  • Hospital to region
  • Hospital to national
  • State to state
  • State to region
  • State to national 


No charge for participation.


All data are provided to the program in a HIPAA-compliant non-identifying format and are kept confidential between the participating institution and the University of Florida.

What to Expect

Participating institutions will receive a customized report profiling trend analysis within the hospital/system and benchmarking to national, regional, or state comparators.

More Information

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